S V Mohan Reddy invites Lokesh to contest from Kurnool


In view of forthcoming elections, the comments made by Kurnool MLA SV Mohan Reddy are creating ripples in TDP circles. It is already known that there exists rivalry between SV Mohan Reddy and MP TG Venkatesh families. Now, the MLA has come out with a proposal that Minister Nara Lokesh should contest from Kurnool and he is ready to sacrifice his seat for him. He also promised that he will strive hard for the success of TDP candidates in the district.
At the same time, Mr. Reddy categorically stated that except Lokesh, he will not allow anyone to contest from Kurnool constituency. However, the followers of TG Venkatesh have expressed their ire and anguish over the statement of Mr. Reddy. They said that Mr. Reddy by making such a statement has clearly indicated that he did not want TG Venkatesh or his son to contest in the election. It has to be recalled that during his recent visit, Mr. Lokesh has asked public to support Mohan Reddy, which made TG Venkatesh group unhappy.


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