How To Sail Through A Healthy Pregnancy


Dr. Rita Bakshi

Pregnancy is a very crucial stage of one’s life. A mother not only has to cater herself but also the baby she is carrying. Therefore, it is very important that she takes care of herself thoroughly and sail through a healthy and a fruitful pregnancy as it can have some ups and down if neglected or ignored.

Following are some tips for intending mothers which shall definitely help them in changing for the better:

1. Essential Prenatal Care: The foremost step is to choose your doctor. Go in for a doctor that has a clinic closer to your house and some who is easily approachable, too. A good doctor will always help you and advice the best to you during the course of you pregnancy. Also, she will always plan the required ultrasounds and ensure that you are doing well.

2. Stay Hydrated all Throughout the Day: It is very essential for the prospective mother to be hydrated all the time. Drinking as many fluids like water, fresh juices and smoothies can be very beneficial as they enrich and necessitate the body with the adequate nutrition.

Along with this, the fluids help in getting rid of toxins regularly and keep illness at bay. Also, adequate fluids help in preventing morning sickness, cramps and fatigue.

3. Regular Workouts: During pregnancy, the volume of the blood increases which substantially swells the strain on the heart of the mother. To ensure proper health of the mother and the baby, it is important that the mother indulges herself in some regular activity in the entire course of pregnancy and even after it.

Physical activities such as swimming, brisk walking and yoga can be really effective. Exercise helps in managing the augmented stress levels and goes a long way in helping the mother in reducing the stress in motherhood and labor. This will also prevent from extensive weight fluctuations.

4. Nap Time is Necessary: It is very important for the prospective mother to take naps at regular intervals as it reduces stress and gives her body some rest at regular intervals. However, prolonged and frequent of hours long sleep must be avoided as it boosts still births.

5. Keep a check on your Diet: Although the mother needs food to keep herself moving and to be active but it is essential to keep a check on what she is eating. Eating whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs and dairy products confirm that the mother is getting the required amount of nutrition as these foods contain minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids.

Eating healthy and nutritious food is necessary for the mother’s body and even for the baby.

6. Avoid Caffeine: It is very important for the intending mother to avoid caffeine as it can severely hamper and obstruct your pregnancy. It is essential to stay away from caffeinated drinks like soft drinks, coffee and even tea.

7. Always Wear Comfortable Clothes: It feels nice to be comfortable in pregnancy. Therefore, it is advised to wear cotton clothes dresses and cool shirts in summers and a warm yet light jacket in winters.

Always choose clothes in fabrics in which you feel easy to breathe in and in clothes in which you can comfortably move around.

SourceDr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Expert


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