Muslims Youth Who Harass Adivasis To Be Beheaded Remark Spells Trouble For Adilabad BJP MP

BJP Adilabad MP Soyam Bapu Rao

Adilabad: BJP Adilabad MP Soyam Bapu Rao evoked legal trouble for himself after he threatened that the Muslim youth will be “beheaded” if they harass or misbehave with Adivasi girls or women.

The threat was caught on camera and the video has been widely circulated on social media ever since. The MP is also the president of an organization, Thudumdebba which works for Adivasi empowerment in Telangana. The video shows the BJP MP addressing a gathering in Adilabad where he is heard saying, “I warn the Muslim youth, if you harass Adivasi women, Soyam Bapu Rao will behead you.”


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