When Doctor Turned Sexual Predator, Exploited Patients


Hyderabad: A doctor’s registration was struck off after it was found that he entered into sexual relationships with four women patients while prescribing them addictive and psychoactive drugs.

The Health Practitioner’s Disciplinary Tribunal cancelled his registration of Dr Deane Drew from Wellington citing professional misconduct.

During the hearing, judge Alison Douglass said that he is accused of both sexual misconduct and in prescribing of psychotropic medications to four complainants.

Drew was fined $3000 and ordered to pay 35 percent of total costs of the investigation and tribunal.

Drew had admitted that he entered into sexual relationships with the women patients, most of whom had mental health issues. He also gave patients gifts of money, flowers and lingerie and taking her out for meals. In fact, he also sexually abused them during surgeries.

Drew was charged with the misconduct with four women patients whom he had treated between 1991 and 2016. He had administered 364 prescriptions for addictive and psychoactive drugs, including medication for insomnia and anxiety to the women.

Drew entered into a relationship with the fourth ‘vulnerable’ patient in 2009 which continued till 2015.

At the hearing, Drew apologised from the four women patients, his family and the medical profession.

A tribunal member raised the question if Drew was as “predator” who only targeted vulnerable women patients with mental health issues for sex.


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