3 From AP Die Every Two Days In Gulf: MEA Report


Vishakhapatnam: A report by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) revealed that every two days, three persons from Andhra Pradesh die in Gulf countries mostly due to illnesses, suicides and road accidents. Statistics show that in the past three years, 1,656 workers from the state died in Gulf, with most number of deaths reported in Kuwait, followed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Junior Foreign minister V Muraleedharan in reply to a question from Machilipatnam MP Vallabhaneni Balashowry told Lok Sabha on Wednesday that most of the AP immigrants are from Kadapa, Chittoor and Godavari districts who mostly work as cleaning staff and maid servants.

The figures reveal a shocking trend on the conditions the workers are coping up with in the Gulf.

Muraleedharan added as preventive steps awareness campaigns are conducted by the Missions.

“In order to prevent workers’ deaths in suicides and road accidents in Gulf countries, awareness campaigns are conducted by the Missions through labour camps. Help is being offered regarding difficulties faced by Indian workers which includes excessive working hours, lack of medical facilities and excessive exposure to heat and sunstroke,” he said.

An activist told a leading daily that women from Godavari who go to Gulf often end up getting exploited by their employers. He said that excessive heat and less sleep lead to deteriorating health, and family pressure back home drive one to suicide.


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