Epic Troll: Hyderabad Police Show Biker Who Is The Boss


Hyderabad: A biker from Hyderabad learned a life lesson from the Hyderabad Traffic Police on Wednesday after they attempted to prove the traffic challan issued to him was wrong. Calling out the Twitter account of Cyberabad Traffic for fining him a challan for triple riding on a bike, the man named, Mohammad Mubeen posted a picture of the image downloaded from the Traffic police website. Pointing out the fact that they were only two on the bike, he posted that they made a mistake by assigning a challan to him.

The post read, “Sir we were only two members riding on the bike. But police has issued me challan for triple riding. look closely sir we were only two.@HYDTP @CYBTRAFFIC.”

In an epic response, the Traffic Police trolled the biker by taking the challan of triple riding back and instead issued a new challan for riding without helmet.

The post read, “Sir, Your request has been considered and we have placed a request to change the violation from Triple riding to W/O helmet. Please follow traffic rules and always wear a helmet.”

The Traffic Police further suggested him to follow the traffic rules and always wear the helmet. This response clearly left many in splits as the Twitterati joined to applaud the smart response from the police department.


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