Nephew’s Illicit Relationship With Aunt Proves Costly


Young Gurpreet Singh of Jodh Singhwala in Taran of Punjab, paid with his life for his illicit relationship with his aunt, his maternal uncle’ wife. The extramarital affair was known to the woman’s husband. Finally, Pooran Singh, another uncle of Gurpreet Singh, known as Gopi, beat him to death after a heated argument. Pooran Singh had got the woman, who was wife’s sister, married. He had warned her and Gurpreet on several occasions not to continue their extramarital affair.

However, they did not pay heed to his warnings and on Saturday, Pooran Singh stayed at his sister-in-law’s house to counsel her once again. As it turned out, Gurpreet showed up at his aunt’s house and a heated argument took place between him and his uncle, Pooran Singh. The altercation led to a scuffle and according to relatives of the victim’s family, Pooran Singh thrashed his nephew so badly that he succumbed to his injuries.

The accused then abandoned Gurpreet Singh’s body near the village graveyard. He later told villagers that the victim fell down after heavy drinking and died. Gurpreet Singh’s mother lodged a complaint with the police who have taken up investigation into the matter.


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