All You Need To Know About Total Solar Eclipse On July 2


Hyderabad: The total solar eclipse will occur on July 2 which is likely to last for four minutes and 33 seconds, over the South Pacific Ocean region.

This will be the only total solar eclipse which will take place this year.

The solar eclipse will be going through a 6,000-mile path, however, only a narrow zone of the Pacific Ocean and South America comes in the path of totality, according to a report by a weather channel.

The eclipse will cask dark shadows over some parts of Chile and Argentina and remote areas of South Pacific. However, a partial eclipse will be visible in the neighbouring countries in South America.

What is a total solar eclipse? It is a phenomenon when the sun, moon and the Earth are in a straight line and are aligned in such a way the moon blocks the sun’s rays from reaching the earth.

The solar eclipse’s umbra will be in contact with the earth for 161 minutes but only during its final four minutes, it will make a second landfall reaching central Chile at 04:39 pm local time. From there, the shadow will go towards the east-southeast direction through central Argentina.


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