Anand Mahindra Salutes “Unsung Heroes” Who Brave Mumbai Rains


Heavy rains brought the city of Mumbai to a virtual standstill on Monday. Mumbai received the heaviest rain over a 24-hour period in a decade, which flooded the airport and paralysed local trains. In the midst of this, when business tycoon Anand Mahindra received his newspaper at his Mumbai home this morning – dry and on time – he took to Twitter to salute the “unsung heroes” who brave the city’s torrential downpour to do their duty.

Mr Mahindra, who is known for giving shout-outs on Twitter to people, deeds and innovations that catch his eye, wrote on the microblogging website: “Mumbai Airport runway shut, schools closed, train stations flooded, but the newspapers arrived in my house on time & dry!

“I have to salute those quiet, unsung heroes who brave torrential rain just so we can experience a ‘normal day,'” he added, sharing a picture of his newspaper.


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