Crane Accident At Tolichowki Flyover Bridge Kills One, Stalls Traffic


Hyderabad: A huge crane used in the construction work of the Tolichowki flyover bridge accidentally collapsed due to overload. The mishap occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning as the crane was trying to lift the construction material used for building the flyover. It is reported that the crane operator was killed even as he tried to escape when the crane was collapsing. Another worker was injured in the accident and immediately rushed to the hospital.

The mishap occurred on the road from Tolichowki towards Khajaguda which was close to Narayanamma Engineering College and D Mart. As the accident happened in the morning hours, it resulted in a heavy traffic jam on the busy Tolichowki- Gachibowli route.

Traffic officials reached the site and took measures to regulate traffic. As per the Cyberabad Traffic Police advisory, they advised commuters to avoid this route and take alternate routes to avoid heavy traffic jams in the route till the area is cleared.


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