Women and Child Welfare Building Razed To Make Way TDP Office In Kakinada


Kakinada: The TDP East Godavari district party office in Kakinada stands tall as a testament to the deplorable levels to which TDP leaders have stooped to in illegally snatching away prime government lands to make way for party facilities.

In the same place where hitherto Women and Child Welfare department building existed in Kakinada, the sycophant ZPTCs who wanted to curry favour with TDP leadership gave away the prime 2000 square yards’ centrally located ZPTC land to TDP district party office on lease for 99 years! And the TDP pays only Rs 25,000 as rent for a year to ZPTC, which in no way corresponds to the existing market rates. While the TDP office came up in the open area in the said plot, a pylon to commemorate 100 years of East Godavari ZPTC was erected after demolishing the existing government building. Sadly, the Women and Child Welfare Department has been now shifted to a rented property.

Generally, it has been an established convention to recognize and honour those who had worked for the development of zilla parishads. But East Godavari ZP’s decision to name a new shopping complex, built in Kakinada from ZP funds, after ZP chairman Jyothula Naveen Kumar is drawing flak from several quarters.

After winning as ZPTC from YSRCP ticket three years ago, he defected to TDP for chairman post two years back. In order to have his trademark on ZP properties, he named the new shopping complex as ‘Jyothula Naveen Kumar Complex’. Many who served as ZP chairmen, completing full-terms, before Naveen Kumar did not stoop to such a level. The criticism is that, how can someone who had not even completed a two year term in office, that too as a defected ZPTC, feels entitled to leave his trademark on ZP properties.


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