Youth Arrested For Setting Fire To Girl’s House In Nellore


Nellore: A youth infatuated with a girl tried to set fire to her friend’s house. Vamsi, a student of intermediate, had been harassing his classmate for some time. The girl confided in her friend, whose family was known to Vamsi’s.

The grandmother of the girl’s friend, Kamala Kumari, admonished the boy for harassing her granddaughter’s friend. Angered by this, a vengeful Vamsi, resorted to arson. He poured petrol and tried to set fire to Kamala Kumari’s house, resulting in damage to several articles in the house.

Kamala Kumari and her family members attributed the fire to a short circuit at first, but later noticed Vamsi pouring petrol in the CCTV footage. Fortunately, the escaped because they were on the first floor at the time. They lodged a complaint with the police following which Vamsi was arrested.


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