Maadhav Deochake Becomes The Captain Of Bigg Boss Marathi House


Actor Maadhav Deochake has been selected as the captain of the house this week in big boss Marathi season 2. Deochake won the captaincy with his sportsmanship in Big Boss’s endurance task.

Veena Jagtap and Maadhav Deochake were nominated for Captaincy in the house and the two performed their task well but Maadhav was outstanding.

According to sources, after the stressful week, the house needed a captain who was compatible and could mingle with the housemates. Being a captain, Maadhav will definitely help keep the atmosphere at home calm and conducive.

Mahesh Manjrekar also complimented Maadhav’s calm posture in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar”. Mahesh said, “Maadhav is naive and doesn’t have any bad bone in his body. He does not demean anyone neither hurt anybody.”


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