Viral Video Of Traffic ‘Disappearing’ From Bridge Baffles Netizens


Optical illusions often go viral on social media, leaving netizens confused and eager to figure out what is happening. The latest optical illusion that has gone viral online is a very confusing video that shows cars on a bridge seemingly disappear as they drive towards a river. The video, tweeted by a user named Daniel on the microblogging website, shows a stream of traffic seemingly disappearing as it drives off the bridge.
“Yes, the traffic just disappears,” confirmed Daniel while sharing the video online, where it has been viewed over 63,000 times.

Eventually, however, a few people managed to figure out what was actually happening in the video. A Twitter user explained that the bridge in question was not actually a bridge but a regular road. The ‘river’, meanwhile, was just a roof of a parking lot that the cars were driving into.


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