Deepika Padukone’s ‘High On Cake’ In Ranveer Singh’s Birthday Hangover Pic


NEW DELHI: Deepika Padukone lit up Ranveer Singh’s birthday with her 1000 watt smile, courtesy cake. Ranveer Singh celebrated his 34th birthday in London and as a birthday-special treat, delighted fans with a behind-the-scenes shot of Deepika Padukone, chilling on an easy chair. The ear-to-ear smiling photo of Deepika has been explained by Ranveer in the caption: “High on cake”. “Happy birthday to me,” he added. Yes, a belated happy birthday to you, Ranveer. Looks like Deepika has joined Ranveer in London again and simply a side profile of the actress is enough to give us a whiff of her uber-chic sense of fashion – she can be seen wearing an oversized denim jacket over a white shirt paired with black stockings.


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