Pakistani News Anchor Confuses Apple Inc With Fruit


A Pakistani TV anchor confused Apple Inc – the tech giant – with apple the fruit, live on air recently. The error did not go unnoticed on social media, where the video of the faux pas went viral after it was shared by journalist Naila Inayat.
In the clip, the news anchor and a panelist are seen having a conversation in studio. While talking about Pakistan’s financial condition, the panelist said, “Apple’s business alone amounts to more than the whole of Pakistan’s annual budget.”

Thinking that he was talking about apple, the fruit, rather than the maker of iPhones, the TV anchor said: “Yes, I have heard that even one apple is very expensive.”

At this, the panelist quickly corrected her, telling her that he was talking about the company Apple Inc. Though the error was laughingly brushed off and the conversation proceeded, the incident has left viewers in splits.


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