Ram Prasad Murder Case Takes A New Turn


The Task Force of the Hyderabad police have cracked the mystery behind the murder of industrialist, Telaprolu Ram Prasad. The police came to the conclusion that a businessman from Vijayawada, Koganti Satyam, is the mastermind behind the murder of Ram Prasad. Eight persons have been arrested in the case, including Satyam, who disappeared after the murder on Saturday night, according to the police. Investigation further revealed that the accused had planned the murder six months ago. A follower of Koganti Satyam reached Hyderabad a month ago and rented a room, police further revealed. Satyam took care to conceal his involvement, according to the investigators.

Ram Prasad was killed on the clear directions of Koganti Satyam, who hired contract killers for Rs. 30 lakhs, the probe revealed. Police seized 5 cellphones belonging to Koganti Satyam and the vehicle used by the killers. A manhunt is on to trace the driver of the vehicle.


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