Kathi Mahesh Spits Fire Over Big Boss House Being Branded Brothel house


Former Telugu Bigg Boss contestant Kathi Mahesh is back in the news for many reasons. Over the past few days, the TV reality show Bigg Boss has been dogged by several controversies and has taken the social media by storm. The show has drawn more negative reaction than positive ones. The show organisers were ready to kick start the show after a long delay. They also teased the audiences with a Bigg Boss promo. So far, all the promos have received good response from movie buffs. For the longest time, Bigg Boss 3 has been grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The reason is not host Nagarjuna but contestants.

Lot of celebrity names have been doing the rounds as probable contestants on Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. Unfortunately, we have learnt from reliable sources that the show makers haven’t even finalised the contestants yet. Bigg Boss is grabbing the limelight for casting couch. Kathi Mahesh, who was part of the show in season one has come to the rescue of the channel and show organisers. TV anchor Shwetha Reddy who accused the makers of casting couch and asking objectionable questions. She even filed a case against them but there is no confirmation where the officials have started an investigation.

Shwetha Reddy stated that she doesn’t have any problem in fighting for justice. She made some sensational comments saying that all the female contestants who were part of the Bigg Boss show in the two seasons followed the casting couch route. She even branded the Bigg Boss show a brothel house. These days, news travel fast. Kathi Mahesh who is closely following the updates of Bigg Boss on learning about Shwetha Reddy’s statements and objected to it. Kathi Mahesh said that Bigg Boss contestants were like his sisters and that none of them entered the house after killing their self-respect.

No woman would want to lose their self-respect for a show which lasts for 100 days. I entirely disagree with her words. I request you not to make false accusations against them, he appealed. We have to wait and watch how former contestants like Archana, Hari Teja, Jyothi,Kalpana Raghavendra, Mumait Khan, Geetha Madhuri, TV9 Deepthi among others will react on this.


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