Canadian Couple Kiss Next To Lion Corpse After Hunting It Down


Hyderabad: A picture of a Canadian couple kissing beside the corpse of a dead lion has gone viral. Darren and Carolyn went for trophy hunting and killed the lion and the picture did not go down well on social media and people tore into them.

The couple had participated on Legela Safaris Tour, a company that organises such big hunts. The company had posted the picture on Facebook with the captain, “Hard work in the hot Kalahari sun Well done. A monster lion.” Following that, the post received severe condemnation and subsequently the page was deactivated.

Calling them idiots, one Twitterati said, “Killing a trapped animal isn’t hunting. People that do this make me sick. And angry,” a user wrote while another added: “I will never understand why people want to hunt these beautiful animals. They should get in trouble for this, The sad part is they have no remorse over it. Idiots.”


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