Telugu Bigg Boss 3 Protests Spill Over To Delhi


New Delhi: Journalist Swetha Reddy, actress Gayatri Gupta and producer K Jagadishwar Reddy held a protest at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar against the Telugu Big Boss 3 show on Friday.

This was also to highlight their case at National Level an explain that the show was promoting obscenity and illicit content.

Earlier in the day, both Swetha Reddy and Gayatri filed a complaint with National Commission for Women about the alleged casting couch by four members belonging to the Big Boss show management.

Producer K Jagadishwar Reddy had earlier filed a petition in the Telangana High Court about the program. He alleged that due to sexual harassment both Swetha Reddy and Gayatri Gupta had to walk out of the show at the initial stages itself. He also requested actor Nagarjuna to take note of the events surrounding the show.

Swetha Reddy and Gayatri Gupta demanded that the Big Boss program should be banned in all formats across the country. Under the guise of the program a few people were sexually harassing women in many ways including them, they said. They requested people to come forward and support them in their cause.


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