2,470 Indian Emigrants Died In The Gulf Till May 30


Hyderabad: Indian emigrants to the Gulf countries are having to face harsh conditions for which many are driven to take the extreme step of committing suicide.

According to official data, a total of 2,470 Indian have died in the Gulf countries in 2019, a leading daily reported. The highest number was reported in Saudi Arabia at 1,076 deaths, followed by UAE (736), Kuwait (282). Oman (195), Bahrain (93) and Qatar (88) till May 30.

P. Basanth Reddy, president of the Telangana Gulf Migrants Welfare Association told the leading daily that due to severe mental pressure people commit suicide in the Gulf adding that the men should have been given proper skills, they would not have immigrated to Gulf.

“Every day we find people committing suicide in the Gulf. They were taking this extreme step mainly due to mental pressure. This issue had to be addressed at the grass-root level,” he was quoted saying.

Pointing out to other reasons of the deaths, G. Muralidhar Reddy, social welfare activist from Kuwait told that many stay in camps provided by the companies where 15 men are crammed into one room.

They also have to endure unhealthy living conditions as well as low self-esteem. Also, road accidents also seem to common cause for death as many are not acquainted with the traffic norms of the Gulf.


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