Bigg Boss Will End Varun Sandesh-Vithika Marriage: Twitter Trolls


Finally, Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is happening and TV viewers are happy but are not very satisfied with the selection of contestants. People are wondering if these contestants can create controversy on the show. We all know that the show has only just begun and the real hungama on the show is yet to begin. The makers have made several changes in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu.

If you take content strategy or the contestants, unlike last time they have given a chance to celebrity couple Varun Sandesh and his wife Vitika to prove their talent. They are the only people to have entered as a couple as the rest of them have arrived as singles. Varun Sandesh’s turning point in his career was ‘Happy Days’ movie directed by Shekar Kammula.

This changed his name and brought a lo of fame for the actor in Telugu. Sadly, Varun wasn’t able to establish himself in the industry. He hasn’t received good offers and so he backed off from movies, it is learned.

Yesterday, the first episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 went on air and people have started sharing funny memes on social media. People are circulating news that Bigg Boss may end the marriage of Varun Sandesh-Vitika.

We don’t believe it but contestants are forced to enact a certain drama on the show to gain popularity and stay in the limelight. Few contestants in other languages show faced the same situation. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen with this couple.


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