How To Vote For Telugu Bigg Boss 3 Contestants


Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is garnering a lot of attention. It was launched on Sunday and there have been few changes in the show made to the show. As you all know, fifteen contestants are locked up inside the house. Fans have started trolling some of the contestants like Jaffar, Varun Sandesh, Vithika and Ashu Reddy on social media. It is being speculated on social media that Jaffar would be the first contestant to be eliminated this week.

Did you know this? There is a major change in voting process of Bigg Boss. Are you thinking about how to vote for your favourite contestant? The last two seasons had voting through Google. But, now, they have disabled the option. It is worth mentioning here that Bigg Boss viewers will be allowed to vote through only Hotstar App. There are a few steps to follow:

First the user has to install ‘HotStar’ app.

Login through personal email id or phone number.

Later, search for Bigg Boss Telugu in search bar.

Then, click on the’Vote’ button.

A user can cast 50 votes per day until Saturday midnight to whom they want to save from eviction.


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