Teenmaar Savitri Started Her Career With Rs 250


Popular Anchor Savitri has become a household name with Teenmar news. Not many people know that she struggled to get where she has. Savitri’s actual name is Shiva Jyothi, but after she stepped into the showbiz, she came to be known as Teenmaar Savitri. Shiva Jyothy was a student of nursing but discontinued her studies after she came to a conclusion that her core interest wasn’t in medicine.

Now, Savitri is one of the contestants of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu reality show. She has chosen Bigg Boss show over busy job as a news presenter. Ideally, she would have thought the concept of Bigg Boss might help to re-shape her career by exploring into movies and other platforms. Have you heard or ever known what Savitri’s first pay was. She started her career with Rs 250. Savitri’s mentor Srikanth tweeted saying that she was picked because she is exceptionally good at script-reading and remembers a full page. “She learnt script writing under my direction. Now, I wish her Best of luck and hope she’ll win the title,” he concluded.


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