Machetes In Hand, 2 College Students Attack Rivals In Chennai Bus


CHENNAI: Two college students armed with machetes stopped a state-run bus in the heart of Chennai, climbed aboard and attacked a group of people over what appears to be a rivalry over bus routes. Two persons were injured.
The sight of young men waving machetes led to panic and chaos on the bus as well as on the road.

On video, frightened passengers are seen running out of the bus while others who couldn’t escape remained glued to their seats, unable to do anything.

The two students are seen blocking both the exits and hitting the metal stairs of the bus threateningly with their machetes before attacking passengers.

The students have been arrested, the police said.

According to reports, they were part of a group that usually decided, using muscle power, which route the bus should run on. The people they attacked were from a rival group that reportedly wanted the bus to take another route.

In October 2017, four college students were arrested after they were seen waving swords from the door of a local train at Nemmilichery railway station, 35 km from Chennai. They had also burst firecrackers at the railway platform.


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