TDP Held Accountable For 29 Deaths During Godavari Pushkaralu


Amaravati: YSRCP MLA Jogi Ramesh lashed out at the previous government for its spending excessively in the name of Godavari Pushkaralu. He alleged that the TDP government was the sole reason behind the deaths of 29 innocent devotees during Godavari Pushkaralu and a massive scam worth thousands of crore in rupees was carried out during Godavari and Krishna Pushkaralu.

Assembly Speaker Tammineni Sitaram organised the questionnaire session when the assembly resumed on Wednesday. Talking on the organization of Pushkaralu by the previous government, Jogi Ramesh said the government had failed to make proper and sufficient arrangements despite its grand publicity through the various media sources.

He raised questions like, “Who asked Bayapati Srinu to conduct a cinema shooting there?, Did the Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu ask Boyapati Srinu to conduct a shooting there, or the director himself conducted his cinema shooting there?” and he demanded answers from Chandrababu Naidu.

He asked why Chandrababu Naidu had to take a holy bath at an ordinary ghat and why there was no action taken against anybody for this tragic incident. He emphasised the importance of establishing a committee on the Godavari Pushkaralu stampede and said those who were the reason behind the deaths of 29 innocent devotees would be punished.

He also pointed out that the statue of Mahatma Gandhi located in Ibrahim Gandhi Centre was thrown into a drainage canal during the Krishna Pushkaralu and the houses belonging to thousands of poor people were demolished for the arrangements of Pushkaralu.

Meanwhile, Rajanagaram MLA Jakkampudi Raja alleged that Chandrababu’s publicity mania had led to the deaths of 29 devotees during the Godavari Pushkaras. He said the government had tried to film a documentary worth Rs. 64 lakhs through the Ministry of Tourism with the National Geographic Channel and roped in film director Boyapati Srinu for that purpose.

He lashed out at the previous government for not making basic arrangements when there was a massive influx of devotees. He alleged Chandrababu was the sole reason behind the deaths of these 29 innocent devotees and pointed out that his government had defended their actions saying the incident had taken place because of a stampede. He requested the government to conduct an inquiry through a sitting judge


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