Telugu Bigg Boss 3 Channel Gets Notice


Hyderabad: Banjara Hills police are investigating into the complaints over the Big Boss 3 program being aired on Star Maa channel. As part of this, Banjara Hills Police issued a notice to the Channel Manager Sridhar located at Banjara Hills Road No. 2 on Tuesday. As per details, the police said that on the 13th of this month, senior journalist Sweta Reddy filed a complaint at the Banjara Hills Police Station against Shyam, the in-charge of the Big Boss 3 program, along with Abhishek, Ravikanth and Raghu.

She alleged that they had indulged in various irregularities in the agreement deal and about the harassment, fat shaming and casting couch. In her complaint, she said they had asked her as to how she would satisfy the ‘Boss’.

Banjara Hills police had registered a cheating case against Shyam along with Abhishek, Ravikanth and Raghu.

Based on this these police issued a notice to Sridhar one of the main organisers of Maa Star Office for further details. Six questions were raised about the agreement deal, contestant selection, selection terms, the role of Shyam along with the remaining three other and other queries related to the show, in the notice. They also gave three days time for which they had to furnish these details.

It is reported that Sridhar told the police that he would discuss with the senior management and he would revert to them in three days with the information.

Interestingly it is reported that the Star Maa officials have informed the police that their company has no connection with Shyam, Abhishek, Ravikanth or Raghu.

Now what would Star Maa Channel officials reply in the notice is something we need to wait and see after this statement.


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