Kidnappers Release Jashith, Reunited With Family In Mandapeta


Four-year-old Jashith kidnap in Mandapeta created a sensation across India. The kidnap drama ended in a happy family reunion after the kidnappers left the kid near Chinthalamma temple in the early hours of Thursday. Some 500 police personnel divided into 17 groups had been frantically on the look out for the kidnappers’ hideout to rescue the kid ever since Jashith went missing.

Jashith was kidnapped on Monday evening. It is being speculated that the intense action by the vast police personnel forced the kidnappers to release the child. The family expressed their gratitude to the SP who went all out to launch the search operation and ease the tension of the family. Jashith’s return brought a jubilant atmosphere with the locals celebrating his arrival with joy.

Interestingly it is still not know who were the abductors. The police has began investigating the matter.

It is learnt that a worker at the brick kiln came out in the wee hours and happened to see the boy sitting there. He had no clue about the kidnap case and hence reported the same to his boss in the morning. The boss who had read about the case, thanks to the news, reported the matter to the police who hande over the kid to the parents of the child.


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