Netizens Troll Mahesh Vitta Attitude in Bigg Boss Telugu House


Bigg Boss 3 Telugu contestant Mahesh Vitta was a popular star on Youtube. He would create some fun video under the name ‘Fun Basket’. He has become the talking point since he entered the house. Reports making the rounds suggest that many clubs have been formed on social media ever since the show went on air. Contestants ‘Sreemukhi, Ashu Reddy and Jaffar’ have dedicated clubs.

It is being said that these three contestants have a special army on social media who promote them extensively and try to ensure that they do not get eliminated anytime soon. But, we all know that as per the format of the game, eviction depends upon percentage of votes which is decided by TV viewers.

Speaking about last night’s episode, Bigg Boss had assigned a childhood task for contestants. Randomly, the housemates were divided into students and teachers. But Mahesh Vitta distanced himself from everyone. A clash broke out between Mahesh, Ravi and Rohini.

Punarnavi convinced Mahesh and made him to participate in the show. Mahesh performance and words in last night’s task hasn’t gone down well with show buffs. As usual, netizens have trolled him badly on social media. People are circulating tweets that Mahesh is showing off a lot and that he must have forgotten the fact that people are watching his every move.

Luckily, he has been saved at least for now as he isn’t in this week’s nomination list for elimination. After Sreemukhi, Mahesh is the second contestant on Bigg Boss 3 Telugu to be facing backlash from viewers.


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