Who Are The Highest Paid Contestants On Bigg Boss 3 Telugu?


This is an oft-asked question and one for which answers are mostly in the realm of speculation. Ever since Bigg Boss 3 was unveiled on Sunday last by superstar Nagarjuna, there have been a number of questions related to the reality show. Foremost among them is that of who are among the highest paid stars on this show. While the next 95 days will throw up new celebrities, some of them have taken audiences by storm with their presence on the show on the very first night.

Media circles are abuzz with those who stand at the top of the remuneration charts and among the names one hears are Teen Maar Savitri whose real name is Shivajyothi, actress Sreemukhi and popular singer, Rahul Sipligunj. However, there has been no official confirmation on who the highest paid star on the show is.


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