YS Jagan Reassures Kapus On Reservations; Slams TDP For Confusion


Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) was trying to use the issue of Kapus’ reservation for its selfish political motives. Because of Chandrababu Naidu’s decisions in the past, it has led to the confusion whether Kapus belonged to the BCs or OCs segment, he commented.

YSR Congress Party Kapu representatives (ministers, MLAs and MLCs) met the Chief Minister on Monday morning in the Assembly chambers. While speaking to them, YS Jagan brought to light the latest developments on the issue of Kapu reservation.

Assuring the Kapus, YS Jagan said that the YSRCP has maintained its stance with regards to the issue of Kapu reservation and will abide by it as mentioned in the party manifesto.

YSRCP leaders and ministers Ummareddy Venkateswarulu, Ambati Rambabu and Kurasala Kannababu have been asked to look into the submissions made by the Manjunath Commission on the Kapu reservation.

While speaking to Kapu representatives, YS Jagan said that in 2017 Chandrababu Naidu had sent a letter to the Centre stating that the Kapus were under the BC list. He later wrote another letter giving five percent reservation to the Kapus under EBC quota. The Centre had sent him a letter seeking clarity whether he wanted to keep them as BCs and would abide by the Bill as stated earlier or whether he wanted to withdraw the Bill. The Centre had asked Chandrababu to reply immediately which he had not. In fact Chandrababu did not even reply to a letter written to him by the Centre on April 4 this year about this issue.

The Government had allotted 10 percent reservation based on poverty levels for the economically weaker sections where the question of caste could not be taken into consideration.

Despite the Central government notification that they have no right to divide the reservation based on caste, how could the TDP government go against the guidelines, he questioned.

Cases were filed against the decision of allotting five percent quota to Kapus and also about the status of granting BC status to Kapu in the High Court. If the five per cent reservation he gave to Kapus under the EBC quota was true, then why was this not implemented by Chandrababu during the PG and Medical seats allotment in the year, he questioned. The same question was also posed in the interim orders of the High Court.

“Who will take responsibility for the children’s future,” YS Jagan asked. If you take into consideration the OBC census, the Kapu population is more than 50 percent then wouldn’t that be unfair for them to limit it to five percent, he asked further.


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