After Elimination, Hema Reveals Bizarre Demands By Big Boss Show Makers


Hyderabad: Actress Hema and Big Boss 3 Telugu contestant who was the first to be eliminated from the Big Boss 3 show recently, shared her experiences with the media in a conference held at TFCC in Film Nagar on Tuesday.

This was her first meeting with the media after coming out from the show and she had a lot to share about the reality show and spoke at length about the way she was treated and the probable reasons as to why she was eliminated from the show.

She said that they were given red and green marks to see who was performing well in the Big Boss house. In the House, she had made decisions based on what she thought was correct and based on the situation. However, she said that her performance was good and that many people in the press, social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram had written to her saying that they supported her. Though she claimed that she had done nothing wrong and she was eliminated in the first week, even before the actual game started.

May be I should I have acted, but people who know me will slap me if I acted as they wanted me to be my real self, Hema said.

In a tell-all, Hema revealed the true nature about her fellow contestants. “Srimukhi is a manipulator, Baba Bhaskar acts as if he is a very good person, Jaffar still thinks he is a journalist in the house, Ali is player, Himaja is another manipulator, Rahul doesn’t wash cups. I hope Ashu Reddy stays in the house for some more time.

They think I was dominating them especially in the kitchen. I am a kind of person who cooks for ten people and I know about rationing. I guess the younger generation can’t handle advice”, she said. Those who wanted me out are now in the elimination round, she revealed.

I was told that even the Google results showed I was in the first ranking about votes. Still I was eliminated. Many of my fans did not know how to vote and the app showed many votes as ‘not received’. There were many technical issues, which is why less votes were polled. But I am happy I came out of the show without any ”controversy’ tag. I am known in the field as a rebel and as ‘laughing Hema’ , that’s more than enough for me.

When asked about her experience with Big Boss 3 show organisers, she said that she did not face any issues. The only uncomfortable question was when they asked me to take a pregnancy test. This a routine check because if you are pregnant you can’t stay in the house for 3 months and I felt that nothing was wrong with that. After my elimination they kept me back and released me only after the show was aired, she laughed.

Signing of she said that she liked the show and Nagarjuna and if she got a chance to participate in the show, she would certainly come back again.


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