Bigg Boss 3 Telugu: Baba Bhaskar Gives New Twist


Bigg Boss season three contestant, popular Tamil actor and director, Baba Bhasker tried to give a new twist to House rules by refusing to nominate 2 contestants for elimination and said he would nominate one fellow contestant instead. This put unexpected spokes in the wheels of the show and Bigg Boss asked him to rethink his decision.

Baba Bhaskar however, insisted that the process of nomination was being undertaken purely for the sake going through a formality or procedure.

His reasoning was, why should a contestant be forced to put a question mark on two fellow contestants when he or she might not be inclined to do so. Baba Bhasker was not nominated by any of his 13 fellow contestants.

Finally, when he had no choice but to nominate 2 contestants, Baba Bhasker chose Varun Sandesh’s wife, actress, Vithika and folk singer, musician Rahul Sipligunj.

Who nominated whom?

As things stand, the round of nominations threw up some interesting choices. They are:

  1. Himaja….Rahul, Punarnavi
  2. Ashu …. Sreemukhi, Jaffer
  3. Rahul….Himaja, Sreemukhi
  4. Varun…. Sreemukhi, Jaffer
  5. Ali Raza… Himaja, Varun Sandesh
  6. Sivajyothi…Sreemukhi, Jaffer
  7. Jaffer…Vithika, Mahesh
  8. Rohini…Vithika, Mahesh
  9. Ravikrishna…Himaja, Jaffer
  10. Tamanna…Varun Sandesh, Vithika
  11. Sreemukhi…Himaja, Mahesh
  12. Punarnavi…Himaja, Sreemukhi
  13. Mahesh…Varun Sandesh, Vithika
  14. Baba Bhasker….Rahul, Vithika

Clearly, Sreemukhi and Vithika are topping the nominations, but as we know, Bigg Boss always pulls off last-minute surprises. Let’s see who goes through the exit door this Sunday.


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