CBSE Tightens Rules Around Subject Change In Classes 10, 12


NEW DELHI: Class 10 and class 12 students will no longer be allowed to change their subject without proper procedure and reason. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has instructed its affiliated schools not to entertain any request from students to change their subjects in classes 10 or 12 on account of parents or students making their own study arrangements. The board has also framed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that would guide schools on dealing with such requests.
The Board has maintained that classes 10 and 12 are two-year course. Accordingly, the schools have to counsel students in class 9 and 11 into opting subjects that they would like to continue studying in the next class and are also available in the school.

“Several students want to change subjects when they move to class 10 and 12 on various grounds. As per revised norms, any request for change of subjects will be accepted provided such a request has been made before July 15 of the academic session. In order to streamline the process, the board has framed SOPs for the purpose,” a senior board official said.

The board has taken strict stance on parents or students making their own arrangement of studying a subject which may not be available with the concerned school.

“In no manner, any request to change the subjects that parents will make their own arrangement of study will be accepted by CBSE. Now, almost all the subjects have internal assessment and schools need to provide the performance in internal assessment of students,” the board official added.

The SOPs dictate that a student or a parent has to submit subject-change request along with required documents which support the reason for subject-change.

In case, a student applies for subject-change, the school will have to analyse if the reasons for the request are valid including the student’s performance in classes 9 or 11 and if the student is unable to cope up with the course material of the next class.

Apart from the students’ performance, the school will have to see if the new subject requested is available at the school, the combination of subjects selected by the student is valid as per the scheme approved by CBSE, and the school has the necessary affiliation to offer the subject in question.

CBSE has asked schools to compile all such requests and send to the regional office. Schools have been directed to assure that the requests submitted adhere to the guidelines issued. Any request not falling in with the SOPs will be rejected for which the school will be responsible.


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