Hayatnagar Kidnap Case solved


The mystery surrounding the case of B Pharmacy student Soni who had gone missing has been unraveled. Soni, who was kidnapped on July 23 from Hayatnagar was traced to Addanki in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. Kidnapper Ravi Shekar, who has innumerable cases against him, is believed to have left her in the district. Soni is now on her way back to Hyderabad under police security. Her relatives too have vouched for this piece of news.

Ravi Shekar kidnapped the B Pharma student Soni promising to get her a job a week ago. The Telangana police swung to action and began investigating the case soon after. After a breakthrough, the police even announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for information about the kidnapper’s whereabouts.

It is learnt that this created fear in the kidnapper who released Soni in Addanki after being hit by panic. Soni is expected to appear before the media after her return to Hyderabad.


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