Inspired By “Dhoom 2”, Gujarat Gang Attempt ATM Heist; Arrested


KUTCH, GUJARAT: The Gujarat police has busted a gang, who seemed to have drawn inspiration from the film “Dhoom 2” for committing robberies.
The police stated that the robbers were masked and used to loot cash from the ATMs (automated teller machines) installed at the outskirts of the state.

The robbers use to spot ATMs with the help of Google Maps. After looting the cash from the money vending machines, they used to push the speedy car into a moving truck in order to get away from the police.

“After receiving two complaints, we analysed the robbery carefully. For looting the cash from the ATMs, the robbers used high-tech technology. They use to wear masks and gloves before entering the ATMs and damage the CCTV cameras,” said senior police officer Parikshita Rathod.

“We came to know about their move of hiding the car inside the truck after we found that Bolero car in which they were traveling was not seen in the footages of some of the routes in the CCTV. The car was not even seen near the toll plaza. Then we suspected that they are using a truck to hide the car,” she said.

“We suspect that this gang is from Mewat area of Haryana because similar kind of robbery has also taken place there,” she further added.


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