PeeCee’s Cake Costs More Than Your Life’s Birthday Gifts Together


Priyanka Chopra Jonas had recently been a part of her extravagant birthday celebrations in which we saw Pareeniti Chopra, her in-laws and her husband Nick Jonas be a part of.

It seemed like a costly affair, as Priyanka Chopra Jonas was decked in a red shimmering dress that matched the cake. Talking about the cake, The next most exrtravagant thing in the place except Priyanka Chopra was her birthday Cake. A 5 tiered birthday cake which was flavored in Choclate and Vanila. This cake was a red fondant cake with 24k highlights on them. The red from the cake matched the red dress she was wearing and the gold matched the shimmer that she had going.

It had a cake top which read Priyanka in gold. Now when there was so much to the cake, you know for sure it would not be of an ordinary pricing, or even the price of an ordinary 5 tiered cake as well. This cake costed a whopping 3.5 lakh. Yes They had it made from a cake shop named Devine Delicasies, whose account boats of Cakes made for JLo as well.


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