134 Killed In Bihar Floods; Government Not Helping, Allege Villagers


DARBHANGA: Life has come to standstill in Bihar’s Hayaghat block in Darbhanga due to non-stop rain and floods. Almost every house is submerged, reported news agency.
The villagers are living in makeshift houses on trees to escape the floodwaters in the district’s Naya Tola village.

Boats are the primary mode of transport in the village. The residents complain that none of the boats were provided by the government and are privately-owned.

The villagers alleged that a woman, bitten by a snake, had to wait for over 12 hours for a boat ride to get medical assistance.

One of the villagers, Babaraj Sahni, said that he did not receive any food for his family or fodder for his cattle.

“The mukhiya (head of village) of Hayaghat met us but we have not received anything after our meeting with him,” he added.

The villagers are citing lack of alternative to boats as the terms and fares for the boat ride are dictated by the private boat owners.

“We do not have any other option. The boat-owners have their own terms and conditions and sometimes, even after booking a boat ride, we have to wait for as long as one to two hours,” said Mohammad Shaukat, another villager.

Over 134 people have lost their lives as floods caused damage in multiple districts of Bihar.

Around 1.25 lakh people have been evacuated from the flood-affected areas in the state so far. In total, 1,243 villages in the state are reeling under the calamity.


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