MP Police Send Notice To Zomato User For Non-Hindu Rider Tweet


A day after Zomato told one of its users who cancelled his order because the food ordering and delivery giant allocated a non-Hindu rider to his order, that food doesn’t have a religion and that it is a religion, the MP police sent the customer a notice. The notice sent by the cops warned the user, Amit Shukla of jail in case he tweets divisive content over the next six months. If Shukla is found posting such tweets or does something disturbing communal harmony, he will be jailed, police said.

Amit Shukla is also under surveillance for violation of constitutional provisions with such acts disturbing communal harmony.

On Tuesday night, the man from Madhya Pradesh took the internet by storm by tweeting that he cancelled his order as the rider designated by Zomato was a non-Hindu. Zomato’s response was equally stinging and twitterati soon took sides fighting a fierce virtual war. #Zomato, #IStandWithAmit and #IDon’tStandWithAmit began trending as Twitter turned into a virtual battle zone bringing in related issues like ‘halal’ and ‘jhatka’ meat, as supporters of both sides slugged it out.


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