Subsidised Rs 5 Canteens To Be Streamlined: Botsa Satyanarayana


Amaravati: Municipal Administration Botsa Satyanarayana informed that the State government would streamline Anna Canteens by bringing them closer to beneficiaries, without eliminating them.

In a a statement released on Thursday, Satyanarayana alleged that the TDP had made a mess out of subsidised canteens meant for poor by constructing them everywhere possible but not where people needed the most. As a result, he said the envisaged benefit was not received by the people concerned.

He said efforts were now being made to come up with these subsidised canteens near important places like bus stands, railway stations, hospitals and where ever the footfall was more.

“Only 68 canteens constructed during TDP regime were in convenient places for people to go have their food. Others sprang up anywhere and everywhere possible outside the city and towns, where one could find a piece of empty land,” he added.

Continuing his tirade against TDP, he said that the previous government had left behind arrears to the tune of Rs 40 crore to be paid to agencies that supply food and Rs 50 crore for the management of the canteens. “This shows the delusional love of TDP towards the poor and needy,” he added.


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