Telangana Child Labourers, Beggars Rescued Under Operation Muskaan


Hyderabad: As many as 3,470 children were rescued from different parts of Telangana, as part of ‘Operation Muskaan’ in the month of July.

During the operation, children residing in shelter homes, platforms, roads, religious places were screened and as many as 3,470 children including 3,024 boys and 446 girls were rescued from July 1 to 31, Joint Director (Integrated Child Development Services-ICDS) at Department of Women Development and Child Welfare, KRS Laxmi Devitold told mediapersons.

Out of the 3,470 rescued children, 2,992 of them belong to Telangana state while 309 are from states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand and Karnataka.

Five children are also from Nepal, Devi said.

In Hyderabad, 445 children were rescued, out of which 407 are boys and 38 are girls. A total of 847 children were rescued from the city this year, including the 429 children rescued in January.

All those rescued are below 18-years of age and most of them were handed over to their parents while those belonging to other states were sent to their respective destinations and some were sent to Child Home run by the department, she explained.

The particulars of the children rescued has been uploaded on the missing child portal of Ministry of Women and Child Development and also shared with media to enable the parents and relatives and police to get the information about the children, she added.

Operation Muskaan is conducted in two phases every year – each lasting for a month in January and July. The operation is conducted jointly by the police, the Telangana Women and Child Department, Labour Department and others.

Operation Muskaan was started in 2015 and aims to rescue and rehabilitate missing and abandoned children found across the state.


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