Want To Meet Kajal Aggarwal? It Will Cost You Just Rs 60 lakhs


All of us know of die-hard fans, who would go to any extent to meet their favourite actor. They are usually prepared to wait for long hours for a handshake with their actor. One fan of Kajal Aggarwal thought he should find a direct channel to the well-known actress.

As per media reports, a young man from Ramanthapur stumbled upon a website that promised him a face-to-face interaction with Kajal if he was ready to pay up Rs. 60 lakhs. The gang behind the website met him personally and asked to pay 50,000 in the first instalment and share his personal details. After knowing that he came from a well-to-do family, the gang began asking for more money, and for sums as large as Rs. 60 lakhs, to be paid in three instalments.

The youth got conned for some time and later, realised that he was being looted by the gang. Thereafter, he refused to pay up any further. The gang started blackmailing him with obscene photos of his. Under extreme stress, he fled to Kolkata and the police found him hiding there. Based on a written complaint from the youth, police took producer Saravana Kumar into custody.


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