After Centre’s Kashmir Move, Imran Khan Talks Tough To Home Audience


NEW DELHI: Pakistan today warned that the centre’s move to end special status for Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcate it into two union territories will have “serious repercussions”.
“They (India) will do something in PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir)… we will retaliate… Will fight till last drop of blood,” Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said today at the joint sitting of parliament.

His comments came hours after Union home minister Amit Shah told parliament that when he mentioned Jammu and Kashmir, it included Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir.

“I want to make it absolutely clear that every single time we say Jammu and Kashmir, it includes Pak-Occupied Kashmir (including Gilgit-Baltistan) as well as Aksai Chin. Let there be no doubt over it. Entire Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of the Union of India,” the Home Minister said.

Pointing out that both nations are nuclear powers, Imran Khan questioned what could be the next step in such a situation. “Conventional war? But nobody will win this war,” he said, questioning whether the world was ready for the outcome.

“Am I doing nuclear blackmail? I am appealing to common sense,” added the leader, whose nation has brought up Kashmir at every international forum.

Recently, Mr Khan had asked US President Donald Trump to mediate on Kashmir – despite the stance of India and the US that Kashmir is a bilateral issue.

Mr Khan’s appeal came after India repeatedly refused dialogue, insisting that Pakistan fist control the terrorists operating from its soil.

This time, while briefing several nations — including the UN Security Council’s permanent members China, France, Russia, the UK and the US – on the Kashmir move, the foreign ministry said it was an internal matter meant to improve accountability, quality of governance and curbed terror.

The United Arab Emirates has backed the move, its ambassador said it was an “internal matter” of India and was “not a unique incident”.

“The reorganisation of states is not a unique incident in history of independent India and it was mainly aimed at reducing regional disparity and improving efficiency. It is an internal matter as stipulated by the Indian Constitution,” Dr Ahmad Al Banna, the UAE’s ambassador to India, said today.


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