Kadiri Man Kidnaps Dog For Rs 10,000


Kadiri: In a shocking incident, a man kidnapped a dog for Rs 10,000. This incident took place in Kadiri of Anantapur district.

Chandra Mouli Reddy, a resident of Someshnagar is running a gas agency. One year back he brought a pup to his godown. Bharati, wife of the godown guard Venkatesh was taking care of the pup. The faithful dog became the guardian of the godown thereafter.

On Monday, a person came on a bike and kidnapped the dog. Chandramouli filed a complaint at the Kadiri rural police station. Police identified the kidnapper as Malli of Gandlapeta and took him into their custody.

During interrogation, he revealed that a person from Kadiri had asked him to bring a dog to guard his house, for which he had given him Rs 10,000. Police freed him after counselling and handed over the dog to its owner.


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