Delhi Cop Offers to Stand Guard as Tihar Inmate Uses Train Toilet, Then Barges in and Rapes Her

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Image for representation

New Delhi: A 42-year-old Tihar Jail inmate, who was taken to West Bengal for a court hearing earlier this month, was allegedly raped by a Delhi Police constable in the toilet of a moving train.

According to a complaint filed at the New Delhi Railway Station police station on Monday, the incident took place on August 3 when the woman was returning to Delhi after attending a court hearing in Murshidabad.

The constable was part of the team escorting her back to the national capital.

The woman alleged that she was escorted to the train’s toilet by the two policewomen, but the male constable asked the two to return to their seats, and offered to guard the washroom. After the women constables went back, he barged inside and raped her, reported.

The constable allegedly also threatened her not to inform anyone. She returned to Tihar Jail and narrated her ordeal to the jail doctor and superintendent, who approached Hari Nagar police station. A zero FIR was lodged and a medical examination conducted.


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