Superstar Mahesh Babu Launches Clothing Brand ‘THE HUMBL CO.’Exclusively With Spoyl


Spoyl is proud to present a one-of-its-kind partnership with superstar Mahesh Babu, to exclusively launch his clothing brand The Humbl Co. Inspired by the larger than life persona of the beloved actor known for his values of simplicity & humility, The Humbl Co. is an affordable, classic and timeless menswear for all ages. Through Mahesh Babu’s brand, The Humbl Co., Spoyl takes its next step in exploring new avenues of influence-led commerce for the new-gen consumer.

We caught up with the superstar behind the scenes and speaking of his new brand Mahesh Babu said, “The Humbl Co.’s clothing collection is an expression of my personal style and way of life. The values of simplicity & humility that I believe in, forms the core of the brand’s mission statement. Through The Humbl Co., I want to cement my relationship with my fans by inspiring them to live real and stay humble.”

“What makes our association with Mahesh Babu interesting, is that the close-knit synergy that led to the creation of The Humbl Co. Right from the branding to the micro-level, we relied deeply on Mahesh’s personality to build a product that’s truly reflective of his star-power and his down-to-earth off-screen personality. I’m looking forward to the exciting direction that The Humbl Co.’s launch will take Spoyl, and the social commerce business by paving the path for meaningful celebrity-brand partnerships that add real value to the consumer” said Spoyl’s CEO, Bhargav Errangi.

One of the key differentiators in Mahesh’s brand is that these casual styles are designed to be age-agnostic making them appropriate casual wear for men from younger to older age groups with their smart, elevated basics. Not just age-inclusive, The Humbl Co.’s sizing is also size-inclusive running from sizes S to XXL, with two fits. Slim fit and comfort fit are the two fit options within the brand, intended to accommodate a range of body types for Indian men.

Exclusively on spoyl THEH UMBL CO.

What’s more, in line with the multiple social causes Mahesh Babu is a part of, Spoyl and The Humbl Co. has undertaken the first step toward community outreach initiatives with the brand’s conscious line called the “Roots Collection”.

“We’re glad to have a way to support Mahesh Babu’s inclination toward community outreach through The Humbl Co’s Roots Collection. Roots is aimed at giving back to society by rebuilding communities, creating employment for weavers by reviving old crafts across the country.The collection is also made using handloom, natural dyes and sustainable fabrics.” said Sushruthi Krishna, who heads Spoyl’s Private Brands division. “The brand strongly derives its ethical sensibilities from Mahesh Babu’s core values of living real and giving back to our communities. This is the first of many initiatives we plan to undertake in this direction” she added.

Collaborations and exclusive brand drops are something of a specialty for Spoyl.

Launching an exclusive brand with Mahesh Babu is indeed a feather in their cap, with The Humbl Co. setting the stage for other celeb-based brands, this marks an exciting new shift in the e-commerce space from transactional online shopping to an engaged, influencer-led social commerce model.


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