Woman Beats Kid To Death For Being An Obstacle To Her Illegal Extra-Marital Affair


Annanagar (Tamil Nadu): A woman killed her one-and-a-half-year-old son to maintain her extra-marital relationship. This tragic incident took place in Nellai district of Tamilnadu.

As per reports, Raj (45), son of Bhagyam, living in Palangiti of Thiruvenkatam is working as an accountant in the Power distribution office.

His wife is Vadakashi (35). They have a young son, Tanesh Prabhakaran.

Swaminathan (32) of the same village would supply milk to Raj’s family. He developed an extra marital relationship with Vadakasi. After learning about it, Raj reprimanded both but Vadakasi threatened her husband of killing Tanesh if he didn’t let her be. After this incident, Raj sent his son to his uncle’s house.

On Monday, Vadakashi went to Kovilpatti to see her son and then she went with Swaminathan and started living in a house in the same area with Tanesh Prabhakaran. When the boy cried of hunger, they both beat him to death. Later, she admitted him to a local government hospital claiming that he slipped off from the top of the house. However, doctors declared Tanish brought dead. Police investigation revealed that Vadakasi and Swaminathan had killed the boy by beating him up.


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