3 Siblings In Meghalaya Donate Rs. 50,000 From Allowance For Flood Victims


SHILLONG: Three siblings in Meghalaya became the unlikely donors of the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to help the over 1.65 lakh people affected by floods in the state. The siblings, all students, donated Rs. 50,000 that they had saved from their allowance over the last two years.
Joyharvard N Marak, a student at Shillong Commerce College, and his siblings, Tengsu and Dede Richa – both school students – handed over the cheque to Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma at his office in Shillong.

“Overwhelmed with love and spirit of these three siblings from #Shillong who contributed Rs. 50000 towards Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. They saved their pocket money to contribute for flood relief. The gesture of this young kids have touched me,” Chief Minister Conrad Sangma tweeted.

Joyharvard Marak said the three usually save a portion of the money they receive from the elders.

“The money we donated today was from the savings we made over the past two years. All three of us save a portion of what we receive from our elders as pocket money. One of our aunts had been really generous when she found out about our intention,” Joyharvard told.

According to Joyharvard, their parents were “completely unaware” of their plan.

“I called mom asking her to check our Facebook account after making the donation. She was surprised to find out about the donation and hugged us after we returned home,” he said.

Over 1.65 lakh people have been affected in the state this year due to floods in two districts — West Garo Hills and South West Garo Hills.

Authorities have set up relief camps for the victims and provided them with basic amenities.


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