Vithika Overacting in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu House Irks Viewers


Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is a popular and controversial show grabbing the headlines for various reasons. Akkineni Nagarjuna is receiving accolades for playing a perfect host for Telugu Bigg Boss 3. During a media interaction, Nagarjuna admitted that he is enjoying being the host of the show.

While the inmates in the house are getting into spats which is in the nature of the show, over various tasks, they are gaining or losing popularity depending on their behaviour . In all likelihood, Vithika or Tamanna Simhadri may face eviction because audiences are trolling them badly on social media for their behaviour in the show. Vithika’s performance in Bigg Boss house came in for a lot of criticism on social media clearly suggesting that Vithika had irked many viewers.

Funny memes featuring her have gone viral on social media. One that caught our attention around Vithika’s performance tweaking a scene from ‘iSmart Shankar’. Check out the post here:


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