Article 370 Scrapped For J&K’s Development: BJP Slams P Chidambaram


NEW DELHI: BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra this morning hit out at former Home Minister P Chidambaram over his remarks on the centre’s decision to revoke Article 370.
He claimed that the move is “all about development”. “As far as Congress is concerned, in the last 70 years, they have always tried their best to find a Hindu-Muslim angle in everything. That is why in the Article 370 issue too, P Chidambaram is trying to find one. Ironically, Chidambaram should be reminded that the move to repeal Article 370 is all about development,” Mr Patra told ANI.

On Sunday, Mr Chidambaram had claimed that the BJP would not have touched Article 370 if Kashmir was a Hindu-dominated region.

“If there was a Hindu majority in Kashmir, the BJP wouldn’t have touched (Article 370). Because of the Islamic majority, the BJP did it,” Mr Chidambaram said.

Countering the Congress leader’s claim, Mr Patra said: “To bring in a Hindu-Muslim angle is absolutely demeaning. They will try their best to create a conflict where none exists to drive some political benefits, be it Rahul Gandhi, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Digvijaya Singh or others.”

Mr Patra also hit out at Congress leader Digvijaya Singh for his statements against the move to repeal Article 370.

“See the international media and what is happening in Kashmir. They (government) have burnt their hands in fire by abolishing Article 370, saving Kashmir is our primary focus. I appeal to Modi ji, Amit Shah ji and Ajit Doval ji to work thoughtfully otherwise Kashmir will slip out of our hands.” Mr Singh had said yesterday.

Calling Mr Singh a “repeat offender”, Mr Patra said, “Digvijaya Singh has always been giving statements which do not go well with nationalism and national integration. We have seen how he tried to divide India as far as surgical strikes were concerned. He wanted evidence for the same, he spoke ill against the airstrike as well and today he said Kashmir will not be a part of India. This is the frustration of the Congress party.”

“Kashmir is responding peacefully today, we don’t know as to when there is peace in Jammu-Kashmir and the whole of India, the Congress leaders are not in peace,” he added.

Source By NDTV


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